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It's time y'all!!! All About Mommy Part 2 is here! This is something I dreamt up last year for mom's {this includes you - mom's to be and those who desire to be a mommy one day} to be able to share about their loves, lessons, and life as a mommy just in time for Mother's Day. This go around, you'll see everything from Mother's Day brunch ideas to capturing moments with kiddos through photography to favorite mommy moments! I'm beyond thrilled to share these great posts with you from some of my most favorite bloggers! I hope you enjoy this fun little series!

I am SO happy to be here joining Jennifer with her All About Mommy blogging series... I was honored when she asked me to participate, considering it's been awhile since I have done a guest post on someone's else's blog, so thanks for having me mama!!
For my introduction, I will give you the short version. My name is Natasha and I blog at Hello! Happiness. I have been doing this whole blogging thing for 6+ years now which is crazy. It started off following all my single lady adventures in and around Nashville, then quickly turned to wedding planning (Jeff and I got married in June 2011), and then transformed into a "mommy blog" when we welcomed Miss Caroline in March 2012 and then Miss Carson in June 2013. Crazy how fast time flies! I don't think you can sum up my posts in one category, because it's a hodge podge of anything and everything...from decorating our "newish" house to trying out easy peasy dinner recipes to sharing our family adventures, it's an assortment of goodies, but it's mine and I love this roller coaster ride I'm on with my little family.
I just recently opened up an online children's boutique called Sugar Bit, which I am so proud of. I have always dreamed of owning my own business, so I put all my thoughts down on paper, spent months doing research and building a brand, and am enjoying this new career immensely.
I was racking my brain on what to post for this show and tell and just thought I would wing it and share some of my mommy favorites...Mother's Day is coming up and I'm excited to share this day with my babies, my mom, and my grandmother (four generations that I thank God for each and every single day)
Date Nights
They don't happen nearly enough, but my husband and I are working on this initiative together. We get so tied up with the daily needs and necessities that sometimes we forget to spend quality time with one another. Happens to us all, right?? We are now scheduling lunch dates and nighttime activities at least once a month so that we can get back to "dating" each other again. Just the other night, we tucked the girls into their beds, popped some popcorn, curled up on the couch, and watched a movie together. It doesn't have to be a fancy night out on the town, it just has to be time for just the two of us and it made me whole day!
Quality Time Alone
I'm naturally a huge extrovert, but sometimes, this lady loves her alone time, especially since I rarely do anything without the minis these days. This is something I have heard from so many wise mamas who told me to MAKE sure I take time for myself...sometimes the hard days come out of nowhere, and an hour spent roaming the aisles at Target or reading a book at the park by myself can turn it around and make a day brighter and better. Never put your needs aside, for taking care of everyone, including yourself, makes every mama much nicer :)
There is something about girlfriends that makes the world a better place. I am humbled by my friends, and even more so the ones that are mommies now and can empathize with specific situations I'm dealing with, sometimes at the same time they're experiencing them, too. It's amazing how your girlfriends can lift you up when you need it most, offer a shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough, and can make you laugh so loud that people turn to look at your table of crazy people in the restaurant. Surround yourself with positive people who help make you better!!

I think sometimes we need to be mindful of the small and simple things...the things that may not necessarily seem big and important, but the ones that keep us on track. Thanks so much for letting me talk the talk today and for giving me an outlet to share Jennifer. Best wishes to any and all on a sweet upcoming Mother's Day!!!

Thank you so much, Natasha for guest posting! Natasha's blog was one of the very first blogs I ever started following and still is one of my most favorites! As you can see, she is beautiful not only on the outside, but on the inside as well and has gorgeous taste - whether that be with her own or sweet girls style, party planning, and/or home decor! Be sure to check out her blog, you won't be sorry!

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