{green + blue} mommy and mini style

Happy hump day, friends!!! This week has not exactly started out as I had hoped...we just got back from the doctor and Ella was diagnosed with Strep Throat. Boohoo hoo! This is her first time to have strep - which I am thankful for. Hopefully we caught it early and these antibiotics will kick in SOON! So, while my babe takes her extra long naps, it gave me a little extra time to put together this super fun board! I have always love the green/blue combo! Is it just me or is it everywhere right now?!? That is a dangerous thing for this girl! I'm sharing a few of my favorite "looks" for mommy and me - casual and a little more dressy. Happy browsing and shopping!

{green + blue} mommy and mini style

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Jenny @ jennycollier.com said...

Love those striped shorts!

E just got that cute blue and green purse from her Grandparents for Easter. I thought it was too cute!