{weekend happenings}

I'm just now getting a second to sit down and do a little recap of our weekend {in pictures}! We were on the go a lot, but it was all very enjoyable and worth it!
Friday night was date night for mommy and daddy and Mimi/Papa night for Ella! A win win for all!!! Josh and I went to see Lone Survivor {we hadn't been to the movies in over a year} then out to dinner. The movie - WOW! Very intense and very amazing all at the same time. I definitely recommend the movie if you haven't already see it. There's absolutely no way you can walk out of there without having even more respect for our military men and women. Meanwhile, Ella had a pizza, cookie, and ice cream party with Mimi and Papa!
 I promise we're not this ghostly looking in real life!!!! :)
Saturday was party day! We went to a little birthday party for a sweet little friend who turned the big ONE, then headed to Josh's hometown for his annual deer lease Christmas party....yes, you read that correctly! I know it's February, but with the month of December always so stinkin' busy, they wait until everything slows down {and of course, deer season is over}!
 Remember these?!!? Truly a blast from the past!
 And of course, Sunday was game day! I think our food turned out much better than the game!!! ;) Oh well, still proud to have watched 3 former Texas Tech players for the Bronco's and of course, Manning! Love his attitude, always!
Here's to another happy and healthy week!


Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

OMG Hope and I used to LOVE trolls. Like, seriously. We even had a Treehouse Trolls video on VHS. AHHHH! Love it! And love that Ella has a Mimi and Papa like we have a Mimi and Papaw! :)


Courtney Wilson said...

You have to explain what a deer lease is. :) And, yes, TROLLS!!! :) I remember! Loved them so when I was little.

Courtney said...

Awww the pictures of E with her Mimi and Papa are soooo sweet! She doesn't look like she had any fun at all ;)

Oh man, trolls. I always wanted to own some so badly but my mom wouldn't let me because they were "bad". Or, "magical" or something along those lines haha.