i'm baaaaack {christmas recap}

Hello, my blogging world friends!!!! I took my Christmas break literal, and stepped away from blogging for a couple of weeks {I think actually 3 weeks}. We had such a wonderful Christmas full of some fun surprises and lots of family time! I wanted to share some of the memories we made through pictures! Hope you enjoy!
Our first Christmas began with Josh's side of the family! It is sure to always be a good time with lots of littles running around! One of my most favorite traditions that they have started over the past 3 years is having a dear friend of their's come over after our meal to play Christmas music! We all gather in the dining room to sing {and mostly watch the kiddos dance and perform}! Such sweet memories!
 The next day, we headed to my parents church for One Starry Night. We got to meet up with some sweet friends for a little while before Ella became absolutely engaged with everything going on inside {from the crafts, to the animals, to the Christmas story play}! I couldn't believe how much she enjoyed it at just 2 years old!
 Then on Christmas Eve, I got a text {that I'll NEVER forget} from my sisters boyfriend that he was planning to propose to my sis after the Christmas Eve Service!!!! Say whaaaaa?!!!? I could hardly contain myself {BUT, I did}! He asked.....she said YES! A night we'll never forget!
 This was our year to spend Christmas Eve night with my side of the family {and honestly, probably our last time before we start having Christmas in our own home}! Some of you "The Voice" fans...you might remember a guy named Anthony Evans. He was the special guest at church that night and man, oh man, that guy can sing!!!! *Pictured bottom right with Ella and I! After celebrating Jess and Jeff's engagement, Christmas Eve dinner and getting E down, we spent the next FOUR hours putting together her little kitchen! All I have to say is.....thank the Lord it turned out to be cute or I might still be crying! hehe.....It was such a fun night and day!
So there you have a very *mini* recap of our Christmas, but it was just too good not to share! I'm only leaving out about 239 pictures and probably stories, but you can at least get a good idea!!! ;) Wishing you all a very happy Thursday! I'll be back tomorrow for my first Five on Friday of 2014! Yeah!!!!

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