{ice day + family par-tay + sunshine} weekend happenings

Hi, friends! We're ready for a "normal", "on-schedule" week around here!!! Last week was a little off due to Ella's teething and a day off on Friday due to the Houston "ice storm" {there was ice, but by the next day, it was back into the 60's - HA!}! I know I'm only asking for it now!!! Oh well...I'm feeling confident! ;) 
Now onto our weekend happenings! We had a super fun weekend! Here is a re-cap in pics!
We began our Friday at 5am with a phone call saying that school was closed for the day {the one I work at and the one Ella attends}! So...here we are checking it all out! This is Ella's "Oh...so this is what an ice day in Houston looks like?!!?" :)
After a few hours, we decided we needed an activity! Remember the brownies I posted a few weeks ago on my Five on Friday....well here you go! Three words....JUST DO IT!!!! So yummy!
 That night, Josh fixed us red fish on the half shell! I sure love our date nights-in!
 Saturday, we spent the day getting ready for a lot of our family to come over for dinner! We always love getting to spend time together!!!
Sunday was spent enjoying time with our little fam in the beautiful sunshine and 70 degree weather!
Wishing you a happy, happy day!


Tiffany @ This Whole House said...

love all of the pictures!! beautiful family!

Jess Norden said...

What a fun weekend!! I am DYING for 70 degree days...Cam is so tired of being cooped up inside!! Can you mail some brownies to me, please?! :)

I hope you have a great week!

Courtney Wilson said...

Love the little meal pic and the wee one's heart shaped sunglasses. :)

Jodi said...

Would love to have those warm temps right now, it's going to be way below zero tomorrow!