{five on friday} 14th edition

Happy Friday!!! I've missed the past two Five on Friday's, so I was anxious to get back! I'm linking up with Darci from The Good Life Blog. You should join in if you haven't yet! It's been such a fun way to find new blogs to follow as well as make new "bloggy" friends! Ok...let's get started...
IT'S HERE.....AND JUST LIKE THAT, SHE'S TWO! My sweet "baby" girl turns 2 years old tomorrow! My oh my, how time flies! Yes, I do realize she's not a baby anymore, but she'll always be MY baby! ;)) She continues to amaze me each day! She has truly brightened our lives. It's hard to even remember life before Ella. I'm so thankful God chose Josh and I to be her parents! We have a fun little birthday party planned for tomorrow! We can't wait to celebrate with our family and friends! Ella's one request for the party {that she repeats over and over and over}....PINK cake! I think we can manage! ;) Stay tuned for birthday pics!

I am loving Gap's new cord's for this fall! I snatched up a pair before our trip to Cali. I think I need to make a trip back to Gap to pick up several more pairs in diff colors!

Here they are in "real life"! :))

I wanted to share a picture of the tassel garland I made a few weeks back! It was so easy {a little time consuming}! I love the way it turned out!! I used plastic table cloths from Party City for $1.99. You can get them from Wal-Mart for $.97! Can't beat that! I pulled up a video tutorial on YouTube and followed step-by-step! And here you go....

Speaking of crafting.....I bought the most amazing little "toy" yesterday!! I got a 2 in. circle craft punch. If you're not familiar with...do not have...or would like to have....it is a must! I cannot tell you how much time this would have saved me on so many projects! I'm making some garland for E's party, so I thought it was about time I invested in one! I found a very similar one on Amazon {I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby}.

Here is a sneak peak of my project....more pics {and possibly a tutorial} to come after her party!! :))

I'm getting ready for a Halloween wreath making party....and my oh my, I cannot for the life of me decide on just ONE! Then, I come across this on Pinterest....heavens help me!!! So many cute, fun, different and unique ideas out there!!

Wishing you a very very happy weekend!!! I'm off to finish crafting, cleaning, and getting ready to celebrate our TWO year old tomorrow!!!


Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Happy second bday to your sweet girl!!! Those cords are so cute, definitely going by Gap to check them out. :)


Jenny {jennycollier.com} said...

Happy Birthday sweet Ella!

I was JUST thinking about what I should do for a Halloween wreath. Love the white one on the bottom!

Have a great weekend!

Katie said...

Happy birthday precious Ella!! Hope y'all have so much fun celebrating :)

Those punches really are great! Perfect for cupcake toppers, too!

Nicole Shea said...

Happy belated birthday to your adorable girl!
And I love all of those wreaths--so excited to finally make a fall wreath this weekend!
Newest follower from the 5 on Friday link-up! :)