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Happy Monday!!! We have been B.U.S.Y around here! This past week was my second week back to work {but the first week to have kiddos}, so that in itself is a little on the crazy side! I loved getting to see my little ones again though! Their hugs and smiles never ever get old! It was also the first week back to MOPS! I am beyond excited for this upcoming year! We have a fantastic group of women, fun events planned, awesome speakers, and yummy breakfasts! A win win for all!! We've also been busy attending birthday parties and football parties! BUT.....IT'S HERE!! Our San Fran/Napa trip is just a few short days away and we cannot wait to get away to relax and spend some time together...just the two of us! Ahh....let's do this!!! Here are a few pics that recap our past week and weekend!
1. Ella doing a little reading about Texas Tech before the football game! I love seeing her put her little guns up in the air and yell "Go Tech"!
2. If you're a follower of mine on Instagram, you already saw this pic, but wanted to share for those of you that didn't! I finally made the tassel garland I've been talking about! I LOVE how it turned out! It was very easy to make, just a little time consuming!
3. We've got a little athlete on our hands! ;)) She absolutely loves all.things.outside!
4. This pic just cracks me up! 1. Her hair!!! 2. My child is obsessed with pizza! This was her 3rd meal in a row of pizza! Don't judge....she had been sick and it was the only thing she was wanting to eat!!! ;))
5. Celebrating cousin Addison's birthday! They had such a cute background for everyone to take their pic when they walked in the door!
6. This was our best attempt to get all of the cousins in one pic together!  Six kiddos under the age of 3 1/2....I think we did pretty good!!!
7. This was Ella's "official" back to school picture! She couldn't wait to see her friends after being out sick a week and a half.
8. She must have a had a very fun day, because she was on a roll later that night!! Everytime we blinked, she had on a new outfit or accessory!! Love it!
9. Ella's first time to have her hair dried with the hair dryer! She laughed the entire time!
I saved my most favorite for last! This was E before church yesterday morning! She looks SO grown up!! {tear} Can't believe my sweet "baby" will be two in less than 2 weeks!
Happy week, friends!! 

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Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

She is adorable - in her back to school outfit and church outfit. Too cute! We are going to Sonoma/Napa also the last weekend in Sep. You'll have to share the places you love most!