Long time no blog! To say the last couple of weeks have been super crazy would be an understatement. So...here is a look into our little world.....
Ella has loved getting to play with all her new birthday toys {and I would be lying if I didn't say mommy hasn't enjoyed it as well}! Baby dolls, strollers, castles....ahh, the memories!
We've attempted to start milk, but little miss DOES NOT like it at all! She'll throw her sippy cup clear across the room! Here we are trying to drink out of mommy's cup to see if she'll like that....she just thought it was funny! 
 Mommy couldn't resist....girls will be girls!

Then the "yuck" started....Josh, Ella and I ALL got a stomach virus AT THE SAME TIME. No bueno!!!! I'm hoping that was a first and a last all at the same time. :-(  I thought we were all on the mend, but poor little baby came down with an upper respiratory infection right after her stomach bug and has been sick for the past 2 weeks.  Just when I think she's finally getting over it, her nose will poor or she'll start running fever again. Praying this will pass very soon! We did manage to squeeze in a very fast {but very fun} trip to Lubbock! Go Red Raiders! We got to spend time with our precious friends and fam! But remember....when it rains, it pours....on the way to Lubbock, I managed to lose my new iPhone in the pocket on one of our flights, followed by our luggage not showing up on the same flight we did....Ahh....BREATH! Thankfully, our luggage made it later that night and a sweet flight attendant found my phone on a flight in California. So....those of you that think I have been MIA....well I kinda have. Still no phone....hoping to have it by the end of the week. It has made me realize how dependent we are on our phones! Here are some pics from our fun weekend in Red Raiderland! And did I mention our BIG WIN this weekend?!?!


Happy {almost} weekend! Here's to a fun, relaxing and HEALTHY weekend!

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