{our little sunshine is ONE}

  We have been in party mode around the Dearmore home over the past week! Our little miss turned the big O-N-E on Friday. Hard to believe? Oh yes it is! 

Friday morning, Josh and I both woke up early as usual and couldn't wait for Ella to open her big blue eyes so we could go in and sing to her! 6:30AM, still no peep. 7:00AM, still no peep. 7:30AM, still no peep.....we just couldn't take it! By the way, Ella is usually always awake by 6 or 7 (as she goes to bed pretty early). So we finally snuck in her room and got her out of bed! We both looked at each other and couldn't believe we weren't holding "a baby" anymore, but a BIG ONE year old. Where oh where did the time go?!  We celebrated with pancakes for breakfast and Chick-fil-A for lunch (ice cream included)! Lets just say Ella has a sweet tooth like her momma!
Saturday, we had Ella's birthday party with family and a few friends! It was truly a day we'll always remember! Here are some (key word is some) of our favorite pictures from the day...from decorations, the cakes, family, fun and friends!

A fun day had by all indeed! Oh and I almost forgot to mention....guess who took her very FIRST (actually three in a row) step during her party?!? Good planning, Ella! Thanks to all our family and friends for making it so special! Off to play with all our new and exciting toys!

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Susan said...

Happy birthday sweet Ella! Sunshine is Katherine's (our 1st born) nickname. I love all the sweet pictures!