{happy 11 months} a 'lil late

  Happy 11 months, baby girl! It almost doesn't seem right that you will be ONE years old so soon! What a fun, blessed and memorable 11 months it has been!
I know I say it every month, but your daddy and I fall more and more and more in love with you each and every day. You simply take our breath away! Your big blue eyes will melt anyones heart {maybe we're a little partial}, and your sweet little sounds brighten our day.
You are talking more each day...."mama" and "dada" are your favorites {and believe me, we're okay with that}! You have learned to sign "more" and especially love using that sign during meal/snack time! You are pulling up on everything, walking around the coffee table, couches, cabinets....you are everywhere, my dear! You love to open up every cabinet you can get into, love going into daddy's office to see what new and exciting things he has on the floor, and love sitting in your "Ella" chair and diving out of it face first. You have no fear! You have smashed your little fingers in drawers, pulled things on top of your head, hit your head on the back door looking for your puppy, Finley...and most of the times, you never make a peep {unless mommy and daddy react}!

You LOVE to dance {you really love you some Bob Marley}! You like to hum along to music when you're riding in the car. And you are one of the most observant little babies I have ever seen. You don't miss a thing! We love you angel girl!
Love, Mommy & Daddy