{on the go 24-7}

As you can tell by the pictures, Little Miss is having quite a busy summer! She turned 10 months old this past Saturday {tear}, but thinks she is really 24 months old! I think my parents just laugh and laugh...it's time for a little payback! ;) We are enjoying a few days at Mimi and Papa's while daddy is out of town on business. Ella was a little sad to miss her Kindermusik class on Monday, but loved getting to "perform" for everyone {along with her new maracas Papa got her in Mexico}! And drum roll please.....Ella FINALLY said "mama" this week {even though "dada" is still her most favorite word}! Ahh....the day she says "I love you"...I think I'm gonna melt! I think I'll just enjoy the babbling for now...time is going way too fast.

Happy Day, friends!



Leeann Sullinger said...

So glad Papa found maracas in Mexico. My dad said he spent several days looking for them for Ella. Miss you all!!

Leslie said...

Oh my gosh, I can not believe she is starting to talk!! And one those pictures looks like she is standing?!?! I need to see here ASAP, before she really is walking! WOW, it has flown by!