{five on friday} five randoms

Happy Friday, friends!!! I might not be getting my post out until 8:30pm, but hey, at least it's still Friday!! ;) Linking up again with my sweet friend Darci, April, Christina and Natasha!

I am in full party planning mode for my sister's bachelorette party weekend in May! LOVE getting plan, pick out, and dream about this weekend! Invitations were ordered today and a proof was sent today.....eeeek.....so excited! Not ready to give it away just yet! ;)

Speaking of my sister's wedding, that also means lots of showers and parties! I ordered this little beauty! Hopefully it'll be just as cute in person {and on} as it is in the picture!!! I'm loving bold, bright pink!

You know those last minute thoughts that actually turn into plans that end up being SO FUN and just what you needed at that time?!? I called my sweet friend down the street this week to see if she was free to go get margs and pedi's, and literally within five minutes, we were out the door! Such a fun {and random} afternoon out!!! Those are always the best!

Loved getting to meet up with my sweet friend Emily and her precious Owen and Claire for a play date this past week!!! Ella and Owen were so cute and fun to watch together! And how about those coordinating shirts?!?!?

Today was "rain day" at Ella's school! She was all decked out and would.not.take.those.boots.off.all.day.long!!! Love seeing that sweet, happy smile!
Here's to a happy weekend!!! XO


Amanda {Kids and Cabernet} said...

Such a pretty dress! That mani/pedi friend date sounds awesome! Have a great wknd!!

Courtney said...

Oh man! I love all 5 things! Planning parties is so fun, I can't wait to see what you do! The stripes, boots, and your pink dress- I love them all!!

Sara McCarty said...

Yay for blogger playdates! The kids are too cute in those matching shirts! And I love that hot pink dress. WANT.