{weekend happenings}

How is it already Monday?!!? I feel like the weekend just began!  And on that same note....how in the world is it already the middle of November?! My oh my, we're gonna blink and Christmas will be here! And speaking of Christmas, stay tuned tomorrow as I {and one of my blog BFFs} have some exciting link-up news to share!!!!
We had a fun weekend with our little fam and some sweet friends! The weather has been gorgeous, so we've tried to get as much outside play time as we can! Here is a re-cap! Enjoy!
1. E and I began the weekend with an early morning run to get donuts! P.S., that purple purse goes EVERYWHERE with us! She is ALL GIRL, I'm telling you! No idea where she gets it from!!!! ;))
2. I turned around while doing some work in the kitchen to find Ella like this! I think she most definitely has the right idea!!!
3. And speaking of all girl....miss priss watched me paint my nails and thought it would be a good idea to sneak back into my bathroom and give her own self a mani and pedi! YIKES!!! One {full} bottle of nail polish remover later, Ella's toes, hands and my bathroom floor were mostly presentable again! :))
4. E all ready for a date night with mommy and daddy!
5. A girl after my own heart.....she pretty much ate a basket full of chips and a bowl of queso to herself {okay, I might be exaggerating a little}, but that girl can eat her some Mexican food {right along with mommy and daddy}!
6. After we got home from dinner, she was wired and ready to watch some TV! I heard Ella say, "Look, mom!!!!!" hehehe.....this child!
7. My little Texas Tech cheerleader finally gave up on football game Saturday! Not a pretty game for our Red Raiders!
8. We enjoyed Saturday afternoon/evening with some sweet friends! Lillie and Jude were AWESOME with Ella! It was so nice getting to chat with friends while the kiddos all played together!
9. My girls loving on each other during the Texans game! Sweet sisters! ;))
All in all, a pretty fun and relaxing weekend! Can't wait to share our fun link-up news tomorrow!!!!

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