{on the mend}

What was suppose to be a busy {and really fun} weekend, turned into doctors appointments, shots, Tylenol, cold baths, snuggles, Nick Jr., and forcing liquids down an 18 month old. :/ Sigh! However, Little Miss is a completely new child and back to my sweet girl! Ella started running 102.5 fever Thursday afternoon which quickly turned into 104.2. I knew right away this was more than just teething {as she had fun a low grade fever just a few days before}. We took the first doctor's appointment available the next morning. She had no other symptoms than a fever. I was stumped on this one! I'm so thankful for a thorough doctor who is very proactive {and maybe a little conservative on some issues}, but a blessing to us! He ran multiple tests {strep, flu, and UTI}. Sure enough, step and flu were negative, but her culture came back positive for a UTI. This was unfamiliar territory for this momma! My poor baby didn't shake her fever until Sunday morning. Isn't it the most pitiful thing seeing your baby so sick?! After much TLC over the weekend, she is finally well {knock on wood}! Whew....praying we never cross that bridge again! Here is a progression from Thursday to Sunday! 

Here's to a happy and healthy week!

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