{donut you know}

I think I'm a little more "into" Valentine's Day with a little one! I saw something similar to the donut goodie bags on Etsy, and knew right away, these were THE ones Ella had to hand out to her "Valentines" this year! So...I ordered the stickers from here and could not have been more pleased! I love getting to create little goodies and thought these turned out pretty cute {if I do say so myself}! ;)

 Whew....that was a lot of hard work for this lil' gal! Someone + mommy was ready for bed! Can't wait to post our Valentine's Day pics! I'm a tad bit excited for her new little outfit!
  Happy Valentine's Day, Eve! Sweet dreams!


Leslie said...

Aww, those turned out so cute!! And now I really want a powder sugar donut :) Thanks a lot! haha
Have Ella model her new GAP wardrobe and post pics!

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Super cute!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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