{happy 9 months}


Happy 9 months precious baby girl! This past months has been a big one for you! You officially started crawling and cut 3 top teeth {a total of 5 teeth and currently working on #6} all during mommy's first few weeks of summer! Yes, we are very busy! You are now eating more finger foods. You're favorites are puffs. You tried macaroni for the first time, but weren't too sure of it...more of it ended up in your hair than in your mouth! You are imitating more and more when we sing to you. You still LOVE music! You turn your head to the TV everytime you hear music. You and I {mommy} started going to Kindermusik this month. I love seeing you around other babies and getting to do things with other friends your age. You are pulling up on everything and trying so hard to stand up! You are very strong, coordinated and flexible...hello gymnastics! You can switch objects from hand to hand and can pick up anything {heavy or light}! You still love MICKEY and can't get enough of the "Hot Dog" song. You got to swim for the first time this month at Gram and Double's beach house! You are so much fun! Daddy and I still can't believe you are our very own! You bring the biggest smile to our faces {we didn't even know they could get that big}! We are so proud of you and can't wait to see ALL you will do over the next month {how about saying "mama"}!?

We love you to the moon and back, baby girl!


One of our favorite things about you is all your many facial expressions! Here are some of the ones we were able to capture!

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