{weekend happenings}

Happy Monday! For the first time in months, I opened my door yesterday morning and it was cooler outside than inside!!! Welcome, Fall weather.....we've been waiting for you!!! We had a fun and pretty relaxing weekend! Here is a recap in pics!
1. I began my Friday morning with a pumpkin donut {my very first every and certainly not my last}! Dunkin Donuts opened up right around the corner from us, so we decided to give it a try! I'm glad we did!
2. Ella was so excited to wear her Minnie Mouse shirt and necklace that she got for her birthday! My girl looks so grown up here!!!
3. Saturday, we cheered on our Red Raiders at Gram's house! Ella and Gram were doing a routine with the pom pom's!
4. Our cousin Amy {and soon to be here, Jackson} came over for the game! Between playing on her iPad, talking/rubbing her baby bump, and putting on her make-up, Ella was in heaven with Amy!!!
5. The time has come.....Ella is now potty training! This was a decision ELLA made, SO.....we're most definitely following her lead! She is doing unbeliavable!
6. I finally finished up my MOPS craft from last week! There's too much talking to be done while at MOPS, so I usually have to finish my craft at home. I made this cross to go in E's room.
7. We bought our first pumpkins of the season yesterday! Ella got to pick out her very own and she was SO very proud {the smile says it all}!
8. Pot roast is one of my most fav meals of all time, and would you believe, this was MY very first time to ever make it! You see....my hubby is one amazing chef, so I never wanted to compete with him! I have to say, it was quite tasty!!!
9. Our porch is finally starting to look a little more "Fallish"! They're hard to see in the pic, but I'm loving the purple mums this year! I plan to snatch up a few more before it's all said and done!
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Katie said...

So awesome that Ella started potty training on her own! Jaqs has taken a serious interest in the rest of us lately, so I'm hoping that it will lead to the same for her.

I love the mums! I need to go to Lowe's and snatch some up for our porch :) My summer plants are still hanging on though....lol!

Kelsea said...

Sounds like a great weekend all together! :) The donut looks delish!! We've fixed pot roast a few times already- so easy and good!

Elise @ cheers yall said...

love that cross, girlie! i love having them all throughout the house. only thing i collect!!!