{five months}

Dear Ella,

Five months, already? I think I fall more in more {and I don't know how it's possible} in love with you each and everyday - with every smile, giggle, coo, cough, sneeze....okay okay, that's enough! You are rolling over more and more {from your tummy to your back and your back to your tummy}. Daddy and I have to keep a close watch on you, or you'll roll all the way across the living room! You are still alert as ever. You don't like taking many naps at Ria's {babysitter} because you sure wouldn't want to miss out on all the fun! So...lucky for mommy and daddy, you are sleeping through the night; however, you woke {actually scared} yourself last night when you rolled onto your tummy for the first time in your bed. I'm hoping this is something you'll just get use to and not wake up everytime! :) We've learned that when you start talking, you're gonna keep on and keep on! You sure have a lot to say {and you don't even have words yet}! I guess that's a good thing since your mommy is a Speech Path! We love you to the moon and back sweet baby girl!

Love, Mommy

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Mike and Sam Jasch said...

Miss you Ella! Happy 5 months big girl! Love, Aunt Sammie